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So as many of you guys know i have been in this community for wayyyyy to long haha. I've been running servers for about 5 years. I used to love this game, back in 1.5 and 1.6. I was sooo into it. So into it that i wanted to open a youtube channel to get in touch with more of the community. I also used my youtube channel as an outlet for making friends as i was a major introvert in highschool and didn't really associate with people IRL aside from a small amount of childhood friends. My youtube channel and this community realllllyyy helped me through my teenage years. After about a year or two my love for the game started to fade and i started focusing more on the server and community side of things. I liked opening new servers and presenting my ideas to the community and seeing your reactions..negative or positive, it was great. After about a year of that, i really didn't enjoy any of it anymore and i felt trapped because i had this server that was doing well, and no idea what to do...
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I'm Ryan, and I'm from Scotland. I'm known as Rydan or Config on the internet, and I've owned lots of large networks, some of which have peaked thousands of players. I was actually involved with Hysteria years ago and was in the call when @SnakeDaoust and @Derek came up with the name when we were trying to re-brand.

I was part of Hysteria for around 2 years before leaving, and I played a key role in the Factions servers at the network. I plan on maintaining and updating Factions to bring it back to the high player count it once had. I'll also be updating the network heavily, and will be adding new game modes to ensure a higher player count along with much more advertising.

I'll briefly outline my plans later in the document, however, let me get started by saying large thanks to @SnakeDaoust who has dedicated years of his time to this network. I've known him for years and I know he cares a lot about this community.

So, here's to...
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As many of you guys may know. The server has been going down hill since i haven't done anything with it in about 6 months. TBH i haven't enjoyed minecraft or the server community in about 2 years, so this was stretched out way longer than it should've been. As you guys know i recently had to close the EU server down because a lack of donations to pay for it. With this being said, i originally was just going to shut the server down. With staff having heart attacks, i decided to give the server to a trusted friend of mine who is going to take it up and revive it. "Rydan" aka "Config". We will be getting this process underway within the next couple weeks or so. He used to be a admin on my server / basically co-owner for like 2 years so i know he is more than capable. With this being said, the current staff members will stay unless the new owner decides they need to be demoted. Just to clarify, the new owner will most likely make huge changes, for instance, adding / removing servers...
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I'm going to be releasing factions and keeping practice on whitelist. No sense in keeping the entire server whitelisted. Ill finalize some things and most likely open it tommorow sometime around 2:00PM. Practice is taking a bit longer than expected.
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First off, ASUH dude.

I have been waiting on the new server that i have purchased to be delivered and as of right now, the server still isnt delivered but i hope its delivered tonight so i can finish the server up friday and release it saturday or sunday. As for the practice plugin, im waiting on that plugin as well. I think the dev is not home today, which kinda pisses me off cause there was no notice but i gotta deal with it.

After talking over with staff and some players of the factions community ive decided to do a factions reset. Since this was unexpected, i will be keeping the same spawn and the same koths. Im going to be implementing some new things that i think the server needs to keep the economy balanced. First off im implementing "taxes" these will charge you a certain amount of money every week. People who earn more will be taxed more. Kinda like the real world, LOL but it works so chill. Next, i will be reducing the sell price of some of the mob drops. I feel like...
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Just letting you guys know that the anticheat only has a couple more fatal bugs that need to be fixed. Then it will be time to push it out on all of the servers. If you guys can find any false bans on Factions, or PotionFFA. Please record them and post them to the bug section so i can get those fixed as well.