by SnakeDaoust at 3:12 PM
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As a couple of you know. There was a glitch where you could use a coupon from the buycraft an unlimited amount of times. Many people abused this but it comes down to 1 or two people, JokerXpro and Gunner7896. I would like to point out that it is not confirmed that Gunner7896 did abuse this glitch but there is evidence against him. All he has to do is appeal with counter evidence to clear his name. As for the others who used these coupons (many not knowing it was a glitch), i have reset everyones rank to member. Including staff. The staff members that i reset already have their ranks back. If you were a donator and had a rank before you aquired of one these coupons. Give me your transid, and your IGN below. Such as for instance,

My ign is SnakeDaoust. I had master before this ordeal. Here is my trans id: -----------
by SnakeDaoust at 9:46 PM
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Thank you to everyone who helped test the practice plugin. As I expected there weren't very many bugs as i usually can think of them in the midst of the coding process but regardless, i still found a couple and had them fixed. As well, i modified the hit detection, potting, KB, and some of the arenas by request of the community.

I am thinking that i should have practice open fully open by friday. I want to implement one more system and bug test that. And then we should be good. Leave any suggestions here if you want.
by SnakeDaoust at 2:41 AM
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Hello all.

First off, sorry for the delay. The practice server is finally finished and all i'm doing right now is searching for bugs. I want to host a BETA session today around 2:00PM to 3:00PM EST. This beta session will allow me to note and fix any bugs that the new updates may have brought. The server will be capped at 30 players just so i can keep track of everyone. And no, i am not going to make you pay to get into the server, the 30 player cap is just temporary. I want to list all the changes and bug fixes that i have implemented so that you guys know what to test. One more thing i want to mention is; during this BETA period, any ranked stats that you guys get, will be getting reset after the BETA period. Do not "not" queue ranked because of this. There was a major feature added and i need ranked tested, but just know that the stats aren't really going to matter.

Practice Changes
  • Stats system completely revamped (/stats)
  • PBM (Ping Based Matchmaking) -...
by SnakeDaoust at 6:55 PM
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I'm going to be releasing factions and keeping practice on whitelist. No sense in keeping the entire server whitelisted. Ill finalize some things and most likely open it tommorow sometime around 2:00PM. Practice is taking a bit longer than expected.
by SnakeDaoust at 11:06 PM
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Hello all. I just want to let you know that the server will be back online in the next 72 hours. The developer that i had hired ditched out and hasn't responded in a week, i have since contacted 4 other developers and found one who is willing to do the work with haste. Factions is all done and i have made many changes that i think the factions community will like.

Factions Changes
- Removed unarmed (unarmed people)
- Removed skullsplitter (dealt aoe damage)
- Buffed axe mastery by half (dealt bonus damage)
- Removed money from /claimrewards
- Reduced the sell price of mob drops (kept farming same since its manual, except cactus)
- Added taxes (different tax brackets for people who make more money, every week)
- Updated anticheat (fixed a lot of bugs)
- Modified the world to get rid of annoying cobble in dirt
- Made it so you cant build in the nether (used for resources)
- F-Top #1 will now get $100 buycraft voucher at the end of each month
- Removed spawners in donator kits...
by SnakeDaoust at 4:29 PM
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Hello all.

So today i got a lot of stuff done. I set up the new server and implemented the backup systems so this will not happen again. I was also able to clean everything up on my end and push some not noticed but essential bug fixes network wide.

The new server is located in Ashburn, VA. You can currently check your ping by hovering over the bars next to the MOTD.

I was able to get in contact with the old dev and he is fixing up the stats section on the website. Making it look prettier. <3 However, the new dev is still not responding. I've texted him on his mobile so i hope he responds tonight so i can get all of this done

I will continue to keep you guys updated dw.
by SnakeDaoust at 7:12 PM
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First off, ASUH dude.

I have been waiting on the new server that i have purchased to be delivered and as of right now, the server still isnt delivered but i hope its delivered tonight so i can finish the server up friday and release it saturday or sunday. As for the practice plugin, im waiting on that plugin as well. I think the dev is not home today, which kinda pisses me off cause there was no notice but i gotta deal with it.

After talking over with staff and some players of the factions community ive decided to do a factions reset. Since this was unexpected, i will be keeping the same spawn and the same koths. Im going to be implementing some new things that i think the server needs to keep the economy balanced. First off im implementing "taxes" these will charge you a certain amount of money every week. People who earn more will be taxed more. Kinda like the real world, LOL but it works so chill. Next, i will be reducing the sell price of some of the mob drops. I feel like...
by SnakeDaoust at 6:07 PM
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Just so you guys know. For some reason. One of my main machines crashed. This held a lot of data via mysql. A lot of things have been lost such as Factions McMMO, the ban list, faction tokens, stats on potion and factions, and various other things. Not only am i fucking pissed off, but i am switching hosting companies because of this. Bare with me while i get this all figured out. Probably going to be up this week.

None of the backend server files were lost. As far as i know. Ex: maps, plugins, etc

Positives that are going to be coming out of this are:

Ban reset *smh*
New practice update *might as well push it out while the server is down*
Role new anticheat out network wide

I will keep you guys updated. dw

ETA: Friday. Im taking a couple hours to clear my head. Im pissed

EDIT: Further assessment shows that nothing of value was lost. (maps, plugins,playervaults, echests, balance) I will be making a post 6/1/17 about whether or not the factions community wants a map reset or not.
by SnakeDaoust at 1:01 PM
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Just letting you guys know that the anticheat only has a couple more fatal bugs that need to be fixed. Then it will be time to push it out on all of the servers. If you guys can find any false bans on Factions, or PotionFFA. Please record them and post them to the bug section so i can get those fixed as well.
by KingCollins at 12:08 PM
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Applications have just opened up, you have one week to put in your app before it is closed on the first of June. Make them good!