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Server Rules (Subject to change)

Discussion in 'Rules' started by KingCollins, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Nov 20, 2016
    Staff Rules
    ✻ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✻

    *Admins judgement surpass rules as long as it's justified *

    *Admins before accepting any staff applications, ask staff to screenshare the applicant first before accepting*

    • Keep activity on the forums, Will be monitored, if not done will result in a strike.

    • Staff members are to be kind and courteous to all players within chat and Teamspeak.
    • All bans need clear, valid proof. (Videos if you are banning them)
    • Must appeal on the forums to be unbanned.
    • Punishment may vary based on severity of crime.
    • Do not kick, ban or tempban other staff from teamspeak or in game.

    • Do not ban off of the teamspeak when banned in game, they are separate, ask a moderator before you ban from teamspeak

    • Do not delete forum post.1`

    • Do not let personal differences render your ability to do your job. You aren’t here to be friends.

    • If you have an issue with another staff member, message an Admin.

    • Do not lock staff reports. Only lock ban appeals.

    • Do not send screenshots of Staff Chat to players

    • If a ban appeal exceeds 2 days since being posted anyone can appeal unless it’s an Admin or higher ban

    • Staff laughing at someone being banned or saying “GG” or something cunty, will result in a demote. You aren’t suppose to be proud of someone being banned unless they have been ghosting for a while and you finally caught them.
    If the user admits to hacking before the screen share then make sure they delete any kind of hacks and then ban them for 2 weeks.

    Player Punishments
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    Hacks/Mods/Macros *Per Server*

    (If a player has xray on practice, no ban, but on factions, ban.)

    • When a player is using or has illegal hacks, mods, or macros the provided ban time follows
    • Example » Huzuni, Nodus, Auto Clicker, Xray etc.
    • /Banip [Name] Hacks


    • When a player sends an IP of a server through chat or through private messages. If someone is talking about an established server, its a judgment call.

    • Type 1:
    • Example » “Guys, join for free OP!”
    • » IP ban (/banip [name] Advertising)

    • Type 2:
    • Example » “Hop on the archon for a sec.”
    » Tell them to not mention other servers in GlobalChat.

    DDoS/Dox Threat

    • When a player threatens to DDoS or Dox another player.
      • Example » “Enjoy the packets!”
    • 1st offense » IP ban (/banip [name] DDoS Threat)

    Suicide Encouragement

    • When a player threatens to kill another player or suggest they die through public chat or private message.
      • Example » “Kill yourself, kiddo, kys, etc.”
    • 1st offense » Permanent mute (/mute (name) Death Threat)


    • When a player abuses a command or glitch.
      • Example » Sell sign exploits, duping, etc.
    • 1st offense » Tempban for 3 days (/ban [name] 3d Exploiting)

    • 2nd offense »Permanent ban (/ban [name] Exploiting)

    Base Glitching

    • When a player glitches into another players base. (Requires investigation)
      • Example » Nether portal glitching, enderpearl glitching, etc.
    • 1st offense » Tempban for 7 day (/ban [name] 7d Glitching)

    • 2nd offense » Tempban for 14 days (/ban [name] 7d Glitching)

    • 3rd offense » Permanent ban (/ban [name] Glitching)

    • Delete the abuser’s, and accomplices, home(s) if glitching was used to get inside a player’s base.


    • When a player scams another player For IRL Money
      • Example » “Trading 20 sets of Overlord armor for Donator”
    • Permanent IP ban (/banIP [name] Scamming)


    • When a player uses racial or religious slurs towards another player or staff member through public chat or private message.
      • Example » “Shut up you nigger!” This applies to ”Honkey” and ”Beaner”
    • 1st offense » Mute for 1h (/mute [name] 1h Racism)


    • When a player changes his/her nickname to appear like another player’s username or a staff member.
      • Example » Impersonator nickname = SnakeDoust
    • 1st offense » Warning

    • 2nd offense » Tempban for 1 day (/ban [name] 1d Impersonation)

    • 3rd offense » Tempban for 7 day (/ban [name] 7d Impersonation)

    • Delete the impersonator’s, and all accomplices, home(s) if was used to get inside a player’s base


    • When a player repeatedly sends the same or similar message through public chat or private message.
      • Example » “Come to /warp pvp! Come to /warp pvp! Come to /warp pvp!”
    • 1st offense » Mute for 5 minutes (/mute [name] 5m Spamming)

    • 2nd offense » Mute for 30 minutes (/mute [name]30m Spamming)

    • 3rd offense » Tempban for 2 hours(/ban [name] 2h Spamming)


    • When a player disrespects the server.
    • Example » “This servers hit detection is aids“
    • Temp Mute (/mute [name] 5d Defame)

    Ban Evasion

    • When a player logs onto to another account to bypass a ban or mute.
      • Example » RydanMC bypassed his ban by logging onto Abusive.
    • IP ban (/banip (name) Ban Evading)

    Trolling During SS

    • A player avoids your directions

    • Folder with fake hack clients

    • Tell them to top trolling first. If they don’t comply then so be it.

    • IP ban (/banip [Name] Trolling during SS)

    Staff Disrespect

    • When a player disrespects a staff member
      • Example » PimpHD you're a horrible admin.
    • 1st offense » Mute 1hr ( /mute (name) 1hr Staff Disrespect.)

    • 2nd offense » Tempban (/ban (name) 1d Staff disrespect

    Alts (Factions)

    • Logging into more than 3 alts

    • 1st Offense » /banip (name) 2w Alting


    • When a player intentionally and repetitively goes after the same player consistently.
      • Example » When a player focuses another player constantly out of everyone else
    • 1st offense » Warning ( /warn (name) Targeting

    • 2nd offense » Warning (/warn (name) Targeting

    • 3rd offense » Tempban (/banip (name) 5m Targeting. If continues make it an 15 minutes.

    Admitting to Hacking

    • If a player has been frozen by a staff member and they admit to cheating.
      • Example » “I’m hacking.”
    • /Ban [Name] 2w Admitted to hacking

    Spamming /Hacker

    • If a player spams the command /hacker
    • 1st offense » Verbal warning in chat

    • 2nd offense » /ban [Name] 1d Spamming /hacker

    Innapropriate Names/Skins

    • If a player has an inappropriate name or skin

    • Example » “NiggerSuck” or a swastika skin

    • /ban [name] (Check remaining time until name change is available using Inappropriate name/skin


    • If a player runs endlessly, as in for a long time (Not only for a few seconds)

    • 1st offense (/warn [name] Camping)

    • 2nd offense (/kick [name] Camping - Final Warning)

    • 3rd offense (/ban [name] 1d Camping)
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